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Sparkler Fountains

Wow Your Guests! Then these dazzling sparkler fountains are absolute essential. They can even be used indoors. Perfect for first dance, recessionals, introductions, dances, and exits! They do not burn as a result they won't catching anything on fire. Because they are a safer type of firework, they can provide peace of mind for everyone.

Sparkler fountains with low lying fog for a couples first dance and cake cutting

Awe Inspiring - Discover the captivating allure of these effects and elevate your event to new heights. It's better to use these as a surprise because people will go crazy when they see them.

Safe Indoors or Out
I usually use cold sparks for the big entrance, first dance,or grand exit. They truly have that "wow" factor. I use these at times during the event when you truly want to stimulate your visitors' senses and take your event to the next level. 

Cold Spark, Sparkler Effects

Create An Exciting Intro Or Have Them Go Off During Your First Dance

Lovely couple dancing to their special songs with sparkler fountains in the background
Beautiful couple kissing as they're introduced into their wedding reception with sparkler fountains on both sides of them.

Sparkler Fountains start at $345 for a pair.

Sparkler fountains subject to availability and only available in conjunction  with previously booked DJ entertainment services. 

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